Dutch export Daan Klomp talks about life and football in the Canadian top flight

Daan Klomp left the Netherlands behind at the beginning of this year to embark on a special adventure in Canada. It’s time we caught up with Daan to talk about his time at Cavalry FC, life on the other side of the planet, his first impressions of Canadian football and his dreams about playing Major League Soccer.

Hi Daan, how are you doing?
‘I’m doing well, I’m fit. That is very important as we have an extremely busy season playing 34 games in about 4,5 months.’

How is life in Canada?
‘I like it. The culture here especially; people are really friendly and helpful. I’ve become good friends with my teammates. The other thing I like is the nature around here. I love hiking into the mountains. Canada also has the most beautiful lakes in the world. These are things you won’t find in the Netherlands, so I appreciate them.’

How are things at the club, Cavalry?
‘We’re currently in 3rd after 22 games. That would secure us a spot in the play-offs. After 28 games, the top 4 teams compete in play-offs for the league title. It’s different than what I was used to in the Netherlands. You could finish the season at the top of the league, but if you lose the play-offs, you miss out on the title. That’s what happened to Cavalry a few years ago. It goes without saying that our goal is to improve on that result. At the very least, we are real contenders in the race to reach the play-offs.’

What does a normal day in Canada look like for you?
‘It’s reasonably normal. Because of the number of games we play, there are only a few double training days scheduled. Usually, we train once in the morning and then either a team meeting or we hit the gym. In my time off I indulge into the world of crypto currency. Ever since the pandemic started it has interested me.’

In your opinion, what are the biggest differences between football in the Netherlands and in Canada?
‘I’d have to say the biggest difference is the travelling. During away days it takes a lot longer to reach your destination. But that way I do get to see new places. When it comes to football itself, you could say it’s more advanced in the Netherlands. But you should remember that the Canadian League only started 3 years ago. I think it has a lot of potential, considering that the 2026 World Cup will partially be played in Canada. More stadiums will be built, which would benefit football in Canada as a whole. The facilities at Cavalry are great. We have an indoor pitch, which is important considering winter is coming.’

What are some of your other goals?
‘When I was playing at NAC, my goal was to become a permanent asset and make big steps from there. However, that didn’t pan out. My primary goal is to play well for Cavalry. My dream move from there is the MLS.’

Photo: Cavalry FC Media

Daan Klomp In Actie Voor Cavalry Foto