Meet the GFM-team

“I never tried to prove anything to someone else. I wanted to prove something to myself.” – Kobe Bryant.

Global Football Management guides talented players while realizing their goals. We help football players achieve their biggest dreams by looking at it as our dream as well. Your goal is our goal!

Menno Beukema Global Football Management

Menno BeukemaDirector

We help players to reach their dream goals and make them ours, too. "Anything is possible for those who believe!"

Danny Ris

Danny RisDirector

We help talented football players achieve their biggest dreams. "Work hard, be yourself and stay humble."


Frenk AppiahIntermediairy/Scout

"The day you think there are no improvements to be made, is a sad one for any player." - Lionel Messi
Sergio van la Parra Global Football Management

Sergio van la ParraIntermediairy/Scout

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Style de JongIntermediairy/Scout

"Dream big, stay positive, work hard, and enjoy the journey!"


Danny MommertzIntermediairy/Scout

Play with your heart, think with your head. Execute with your feet.